may, 2020

31mayalldayØdipus REC. by The Navidsonswith Ensemble Lemniscate Basel

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How much insight is possible in a world where we are constantly confronted with pictures? Are we blinded by the constant flow of visual information? What if we could only hear – as Oedipus after his self-blinding?

Ødipus REC. is a newly composed piece of music theatre that, proceeding from the crucial encounter of Oedipus and Tiresias, re-consults the ancient myth for its current topicality. What happens between Theresias – woman and man at the same time, mother of four children and infallible seer – and Oedipus – just ruler of Thebes, liberator of the city, foundling, but arrogant investigating judge. It is about Oedipus’ guilt, but also about the blind spot of our own sight, about the unsaid and the unheard.

Ödipus Thomas Douglas
Theresias Michael Taylor
Knabe Frederic Schultze

Ensemble Lemniscate
Ellen Fallowfield (Cello), Miguel Angel García Martín (Percussion), Gilles Grimaître (Piano),
Daniel Moreira (Guitar / Musical Direction), Azra Ramic (Clarinet)

New Musiktheater by The Navidsons
(Maxine Devaud, Maria Huber, Ole Hübner, Tassilo Tesche, Till Wyler von Ballmoos)
Lisa Danulat Text


All Day (Sunday)


Theater im Pumpenhaus

Gartenstraße 123


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